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Public Opinion on Iraq: Pro-Surge or Pro-Withdrawal?

Posted by K.E. White on February 13, 2008

No clear answer. 

Travis Sharp over at the Council for a Livable World notes that 40% of American believe the surge is working. That’s a two-fold increase from September 2007. 

But Center for American Progress researcher Rey Teixiera makes that the case most Americans want out: either now or in a year.  (Of course that could be flipped: having a majority of Americans wanting more time for success. And seeing success, this majority could then favor yet another year.)

The two reports seem to suggest the following conclusions: 

-an unhappy public that would prefer getting out of Iraq

-but real optimism that a limited success can occur 

In short: Just enough for a possible Democrat to come into office and push a withdrawal plan, just to see the public turns their back on that again.

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WaPo Endorses Surge in Iraq, New York Times Avers Pullout

Posted by K.E. White on September 14, 2007

From today’s Washington Post editorial:

Still, there are no easy alternatives to the present policy. In the past we have looked favorably on bipartisan proposals that would change the U.S. mission so as to focus on counterterrorism and training of the Iraqi army, while withdrawing most U.S. combat units. Mr. Bush said he would begin a transition to that reduced posture in December. But according to Gen. Petraeus, Mr. Crocker and the consensus view of U.S. intelligence agencies, if the U.S. counterinsurgency mission were abandoned in the near future, the result would be massive civilian casualties and still-greater turmoil that could spread to neighboring countries.

Mr. Bush’s plan offers, at least, the prospect of extending recent gains against al-Qaeda in Iraq, preventing full-scale sectarian war and allowing Iraqis more time to begin moving toward a new political order. For that reason, it is preferable to a more rapid withdrawal. It’s not necessary to believe the president’s promise that U.S. troops will “return on success” in order to accept the judgment of Mr. Crocker: “Our current course is hard. The alternatives are far worse.”

And from the New York Times:

Instead, Mr. Bush would do what the vast majority of Americans want — plan an orderly withdrawal while doing what he can to mitigate the consequences of the war.

If Mr. Bush had a new strategy, he would have talked to the American people last night about what he would do to draw Iraq’s neighbors into a solution. Last January, when he announced the troop increase, Mr. Bush promised to “use America’s full diplomatic resources to rally support for Iraq from nations throughout the Middle East.” The world is still waiting.

A strategy for ending the war would include real efforts to hold Iraq’s government to verifiable measures of political conciliation — and make clear to Iraq’s leaders that they cannot count on America’s indefinite and unquestioning protection.

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