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Archive for the ‘Heritage Foundation’ Category

Milking Proliferation Diplomacy: China’s Coming, But ‘Definately’ Unhappy, Consent

Posted by K.E. White on August 14, 2007

China may move to endorse the U.S. India Nuclear Deal, but this People’s Daily Editorial shows the tight spot US nonproliferation diplomacy is headed for:

Consequently, Washington, in exercising double standards on the nuclear issue of India, have sent a signal of danger to the world, by spoiling its authority on the international arena, damaging the existing non-proliferation system and beating global efforts towards non-proliferation.
It is quite obvious that the US generosity in helping India develop nuclear energy is partly due to its hegemony idea, which made it regardless of others’ opinions, and partly due to the intention of drawing India in as a tool for its global strategic pattern.
But the result might turn out not so satisfactory since India, out of practical political considerations, only wants to size the opportunity and rise as a big power. An Indian scholar put it frankly: India’s DNA doesn’t allow itself to become an ally subordinate to the US, just like Japan or Britain.

Pro-deal Heritage wonks should read that last paragraph a few times before touting the deal’s capacity to bring America into the NPT or pro-US fold.

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Thursday Must-Read: Obama and Romney Duel Over Iraq

Posted by K.E. White on May 31, 2007

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney lay out their Iraq plans in the upcoming issue of Foreign Affairs.

Here are some shortcut reads:

WaPo’s summary of the Obama/Romney FP essays

-Double-Take: Politico’s Roger Simon on the underlying convergence all presidential candidates have–or will have–on Iraq

Condensed Iraq Background: Heritage Foundation vs. Center for American Progress

Center for American Progress on the wisdom of Iraq redeployment

Heritage Foundation on why America must stay

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