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Blog-on-Blog: Boot-ing Gates Push for Weapon Systems Cuts

Calling out Max Boot’s sallow argument against Defense Secretary Gates intention to cut weapon programs. Includes shoutouts to Donald Rumsfeld and GAO. 

Blog-on-Blog: About Jeffrey Goldberg Blog Bashing Roger Cohen

Let’s move on from debates over the character of the Iranian regime; it gets us no closer to the real questions: 1) how best to deter Iran from going nuclear and 2) if Iran develops nuclear weapons, how best to prevent catastrophe.

Neo-Con Back and Forth on Iraq: The Ultimate in Meaningless Echo-Chambers

by K.E. White

Posted January 30, 2007

Keith White highlights the critical work going on at Commentary, more specifically their blog companion contentions, where they have accomplished the impossible: finding two neo-conservativesto talk about Iraq!

But as Keith points out, this back and forth seems little more than Iraq commiseration–neo-con style.

Blog-On-Blog: Foreign Policy’s “Why Hawks Win”

by Tim Gray

Posted January 18, 2007

Tim Gray, in his first contribution to Proliferation Press, responds to a recent article in Foreign Policy that probes the psychological advantage hawks have in selling their foreign policy.

Blog-on-Blog: Response to the Reliant on Bush’s Troop “Surge”

Posted Janurary 13, 2007

Blog-on Blog—Olmert’s China Wrap-Up: Sorry, No Big News on Iran

Posted January 11, 2007

Blog-on-Blog: Dickerson’s Misread on McCain and the Troop Surge

Posted January 8, 2007

by kwhite

McCain Favors an Unpopular Troop Surge? What about 2008?

Don’t worry: He’s got a strategy that might just work, regardless of how the war turns out over the next two years.

K.E. White reports, giving another dose of constructive criticism to Slate’s John Dickerson.

Blog on Blog: Negroponte’s Move

Posted January 6, 2007

by kwhite

Proliferation Press looks into the Bush administration’s latest shuffle.

The Fence Is Going Up! ( No, not the Mexican one–the fence between Pakistan and Afghanistan)

Posted January 4, 2007

Relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan are anything but fine. Proliferation Press offers this round-up of these countries’ border problem, Pakistan’s fragile condition, and why Americans should deeply care about relations between these two countries.

by kwhite

News Alert: Bush to Sign U.S. India Nuclear Deal Latter Today

December 15, 2006

by kwhite

Bush Signs the N-Deal; India Gets Ready to Take It

No Duh! Slate on the Dirty Bomb Threat

Posted December 13, 2006

by kwhite

Proliferation Press once again hits up Slate, thanking them for failing–yet again–to bring proper focus to the dirty bomb threat embodied by the radioactive poisoning and death of Alexander Litvinenko. But in fairness, we too admit we could have done better. Oh, did we mention we beat Slate profunidity by nearly a week? (Insert senseless gloating here.)

A Quick Viewpoint on Iraq

by kwhite

Anthony Cordesmann of CSIS on Iraq.

Posted December 7, 2006

News Flash: Bush’s “Get Tough” North Korean Diplomacy Gets Real

by kwhite

The latest developments in the U.S.-North Korean nuclear stand-off.

Reading the Iraq Study Group Report

by kwhite

Proliferation Press rewards good analysis on the Iraq Study group with this readable recapitulation of a good article by Brookings Senior fellow Daniel L. Byman. Now if only Byman could write his analysis in a way that wouldn’t loose 9 out of 10 readers. Guess you can’t have it all.

Posted December 6, 2006

Iraq Was Not Lost on Main Street, But on Pennsylvania Avenue

December 1, 2006 at 8:51 pm | In Iraq, Diplomacy |

Historical revisionists are already busy at work. Why did Iraq get lost? A disenchanted public in America, or poor governing by the current Iraqi regime. A blog on 1) why all is not lost and 2) putting the blame where it belongs– President George W. Bush.

Talking to Iran: Sorry, It’s Still Vital

November 30, 2006 at 10:34 pm | In Iraq, Diplomacy |

Iran is arming Shia terrorists in Iraq. Apparently this comes as a shock to Confederate Yankee. A blog on why 1) this is no surprise and 2) we still have to talk to our enemies, even if they do things we don’t like.

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  1. Patty said

    Thanks for getting this info out there in a succinct and cogent style. Kudos to the skillful webmaster!
    Will you be ranking the presidential candidates on proliferation issues?

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