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Susan Burk Returns As U.S. Representative to the High Stakes 2010 NPT Review Conference

Posted by K.E. White

Summary: Obama has made it clear he sees the “sound” Nulcear Nonproliferation Treaty as critical to stemming nuclear weapons proliferation. So what will Obama’s bold nuclear moves–warming up to Russia on a new START treaty, calling for eventual nuclear abolition and bringing focus back to the NPT–yield? It’s too soon to tell, but he can glean the importance of the upcoming 2010 NPT Conference to Obamaland by looking at who’s been selected as NPT Representative: Susan Burk.

Torturing Over Torture in Obamaland: What The Pundits Are Missing & The Zelikow Memo

Posted by K.E. White on April 25, 2009 

Summary: Members of the Obama administration and the DC punditry should read Philip Zelikow’s recent blog at Foreign Policy magazine. He reminds us that the question over torture isn’t whether Obamaland botched its handling or the effectiveness of the interrogation techniques, but the morality and consequences of prusuing a policy torture. This is not to suggest morality of the day should override laws, but rather when pursuing a policy it may be sometimes best to ask ‘ought we be doing this?’ before asking ‘how can we do this?’. Sometimes seeking out covert justifications for a decision open more troublesome dillemas.

Smith Simpson Debate on Diplomacy 2009: WASH Wins Again

Posted by K.E. White on March 13, 2009

A somewhat serious field report from Charlottesville, Virginia on the 23rd annual Smith Simpson Debate on U.S. Diplomacy. The place: The University of Virginia. The competitors: the Jefferson Literary and Debate Society & the Washington Literary Society and Debating Union. The topic: Whether or not to push for Georgian membership in NATO.

Can American Foreign Policy Overcome the Bully Pulpit? Cavanaugh’s Diagnosis and Cure for “Threat Escalation”

Posted January 30, 2008

Summary: How do follies like Iraq occur? Can they be avoided? Cavanaugh attempts to answer this question: breaking down the variables that lead to threat escalation. He also explores how threats can be underestimated, examining the failure to prevent the 9-11 attacks. Cavanaugh thus identifies how a charged executive can steer American foreign policy toward inflated threats—or away from legitimate threats. The solution to foreign policy follies? A greater role for Congress in US foreign policy. While his article suffers from selection bias and uncertainty clouds what actually determines foreign policy ‘success’, Cavanaugh’s article is still a must-read for anyone curious about US foreign policy.

Proliferation Press Dispatch: New America’s ‘Pakistan in Peril’ Roundtable

Four experts discuss the US-Pakistan relationship in light of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination and Musharraf’s crumbling support.

Australia’s Nuclear Evolution: CNS Investigates the South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone and Australia’s Current Stance Towards Uranium Sales to India

Sizes up a short report by the Center for Nonproliferation Studies. Is Australia violating a treaty—the South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone—if it goes ahead with plans to sell India uranium? CNS probes this question, suggesting there is reason to think so. Proliferation Press looks into the question, and finds that it seems Australia is 1) not violating the treaty and 2) would actually go against the spirit of the treaty by refusing to approve the US-India nuclear deal at the upcoming meeting of the Nuclear Suppliers Group. But all this analysis merely displays how much the treaty regime depends on the policies of the announced nuclear powers.

Dealing with North Korea: The Case for the Kaesong Industrial Complex

The Kaesong Industrial Complex may just become the key to solving the US-North Korea nuclear standoff. Proliferation Press contributor K. Edmund White talks to Richard Pritchard about this joint Korea venture.

India Goes Roos for Nukes: Has Bush’s U.S.-India Nuclear Gambit Failed?

Posted January 25, 2007

The Hawks Mourn: AEI’s Annual “Pre-Briefing” on President Bush’s Sixth State of the Union

Posted January 24, 2007

America’s Responsibility? Egyptian Blogger Starts His Sedition Trial Today

Posted January 19, 2006

The U.S.-India Nuclear Deal and Japan: A Frenzy of Misreporting and India’s Nuclear Achilles’ Heel

Posted January 13, 2007

Will the U.S.-India nuclear deal survive Japan’s conditions or India’s nuclear demands? Proliferation Press explores the confusion over Japan’s stand on a nuclear India, finding the status-quo reigning supreme.

What Is Congress’s Wartime Role? Viewing 2002 Iraq Resolution

Posted January 06, 2007

With a new anti-war Democratic majorities in Congress and Bush pushing for a troop surge, Proliferation Press asks: Is Congress capable of being a counter-weight to the President in war policy?

What You Don’t Know Can’t Hurt You…

Posted December 20, 2006

Why classify when you can call it “senstive”? Proliferation Press explores the expanding use of this new concealment tool by the government and shows why the American public ought to be worried.

The Sky Isn’t Falling! Mueller goes “Overblown” at Cato: Why Terrorism Isn’t Our Greatest Danger—We Are

Posted December 13, 2006

John Mueller tells us all—politicians and citizens alike—to stop acting dumb when it comes to terrorism. Proliferation Press covers John Mueller’s book-party at Cato, documenting his witty and engaging plug for Overblown: How Politicians and the Terrorism Industry Inflate National Security Threats and Why We Believe Them. Will we heed his warning to stop expecting the sky to fall? Former Governor James Gilmore gives his answer.

Getting it Right: Slate’s Phony Farewell to Jeane Kirkpatrick

Jeane Kirkpatrick was a pioneer for women and fierce intellectual. Yet our appreciation for her service to her country shouldn’t cloud our understanding of her political philosophy. Even worse would be attempts by writers at posthumous revision.

Yet, is Slate’s Timothy Noah guilty of this charge? Proliferation Press contributor K. Edmund White reviews Noah’s article Jeane Kirkpatrick, realist. He finds Noah failing to own up to Kirkpatrick’s true legacy as an Iraq war supporter and avid neo-conservative. Surveying her role in the run-up to war with Iraq, White attempts to set the record straight so readers can truly appreciate this important woman’s contribution to American foreign policy.

A Russian Spy’s Death: What Americans Should Learn and Fear

The media has been abuzz with the mysterious murder of Alexander Litvinenko. While it’s movie-script parrallels are undoubtably fascinating for spy buffs, we must remember the most frightening lesson from this tragic episode: the ingredients to make a dirty bomb are available to those who wish to harm us, and can still end up at a city near you.

News Round Up: Debating the (Pre-)Findings of the Iraq Study Group

December 1, 2006 at 7:11 pm | In Iraq, Iran, Diplomacy, Iraq Study Group |

Forget about who leaked what or even whether or not the Iraq Study Group offers a full policy on what to do about Iraq. Why? Both these issues miss-out on the biggest failure of the Baker-Hamilton Report: forging bipartisan concensus on what to do next in Iraq.

Perkovich Blows Up the “Democratic Bomb” Doesn’t Help Much on Fallout

November 30, 2006 at 4:59 pm | In Proliferation News

George Perkovich lashes out at the Bush Administration and offers a few policy descriptions on how to prevent the proliferation of the world’s deadliest weapons. But how does this help with North Korea and Iran?

Bush Pushes Back Meeting with Iraqi PM al-Maliki

November 29, 2006 at 8:42 pm

How fast perceptions can change. So why did the Bush and al-Malaki push back there meeting? We’ll probably never be sure, but one thing is certain: this is an embrassment for a unpopular President.

Iraq’s Unity Government– Fraying or Surging?

November 29, 2006 at 7:54 pm | In Iraq, Diplomacy |

Everyone knows that Iraq’s unity government is fragile, but has it exactly been a banner half-week for the troubled regime?

North Korea Hot for Nuclear Talks and Asian Games, Not Human Rights

November 28, 2006 at 9:19 pm | In Blogroll, Human Rights, North Korea, Diplomacy, Proliferation News, Asia Games |

What is going on with North Korea lately? Apparently a lot. Besides the nuclear crisis, North Korea has made time to play sports and produce a battered record on human rights.

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