Proliferation Press

A webpage devoted to tracking and analyzing current events related to the proliferation of WMD/CBRN.

About Blog

Proliferation Press is a blog dedicated to reporting and analyzing news relating to WMD proliferation and other security topics. Now with over fifteen thousand hits, the blog has been featured on CNN’s blog-search and The Guardian’s Newsblog.

While mostly the work of founder and managing editor K. Edmund White, other writers have graced the pages of Proliferation Press and submissions are greatly encouraged.

The home page highlights our most recent work, with additional pages separating postings by category: Articles, Blog-on-Blog, Book Reviews and Reading Lists. These pages offer readers brief article summaries with links to full text versions.

Our Blog-on-Blog section offers quick commentary of proliferation news and our responses to particular blog-postings and articles of interest. Our Articles section offers more in depth reporting on important news of the day. The Book Review is just that: reviews of important books relating in some way to security studies. Finally, a Reading Lists section will soon be added to highlight must reads in various security-related topics.

Proliferation Press is always on the look out for talented writers. Please send submissions to

And for any other comments or suggestions please e-mail or comment on the site.

Proliferation Press thanks you for your readership and hopes you visit again soon.


K. Edmund White

Site Manager

2 Responses to “About Blog”

  1. Gunther said

    Could you please place a link to on your blog. The Korean Unification Studies blog serves as a place to discuss and debate issues relating to Korean unification including North korean nuclear issues.

  2. proliferationpresswm said

    Thank you very much for the excellent blog.

    If you have any other questions, exciting stories or thoughts to share please e-mail at

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