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NSG To Take Up China-Pakistan Nuke Deal at Christchurch

Posted by K.E. White on June 22, 2010

The Times of India points out a crucial difference between China’s planned nuclear deal with Pakistan and the US-India nuclear deal:

In Christchurch, above, the NSG will meet and discuss the China-Pakistan nuclear deal.

On the basis of previous Chinese statements, the United States is expected to argue that the supply of additional power reactors would not be grandfathered. In that sense, the Christchurch meeting will demonstrate how far China is prepared to abide by its commitments to the Non-Proliferation Treaty and the NSG guidelines.

The Indian example is not a precedent since India’s exemption had to go through the US legislative scrutiny and the NSG exemption. Pakistan cannot compare its non-proliferation record with that of India. The exoneration of A Q Khan by the judiciary of charges of unauthorized nuclear trade clearly implies that Pakistani proliferation had the approval of successive governments in Islamabad. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is still to get access to Khan. The proliferation, Iran being uppermost in international concern, started with a Pakistani deal with that country.—offering an excellent recap–suggests China will probably get its way:

The Times of India newspaper reported that the growing “clout” of China internationally meant there had been a lot of grumbling, “but little outright opposition” to the Pakistan proposal, though France was likely to raise objections at the New Zealand meeting.

It said the row could also spell trouble for India’s ambition to become a full member of the NSG, as there was a “growing anger, albeit impotent” within the group over the Chinese move.

China was unlikely to ask for a full waiver for the Pakistan proposal from the NSG but push it through “under a kind of diplomatic amnesia because there is a paper trail that says only two reactors in Pakistan had been `grandfathered’ by China”, the paper said.

Finally, Zia Mian and Daryl G. Kimball urge NSG members to resist endorsing China’s nuclear deal.

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