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Nuclear Weapons and International Law: ICRC Comes Out Against Nukes, Dutch PM Wants International Tribunal for Illegal Nuclear Suppliers and Nuclear Treaty Violators

Posted by K.E. White on April 24, 2010

The President of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) considers nuclear weapons a violation of humanitarian law.  Watch ICRC President Jakob Kellenberger’s streaming video statement here.

And Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende proposes an international tribunal specifically to investigate cases of nuclear treaty violations.  But University of Groningen Professor Marcel Brus calls this a “non-starter.”  And University of Amsterdam International Criminal Law Professor Göran Sluiter slams the proposal in this NRC Handelsblad editorial.

But Prime Minister Balkenende seems optimistic.  From

Balkenende said Obama reacted positively to the idea. He also said he had been supported by Germany and France, both of which want international laws on nuclear security to be strengthened.

The Dutch forensic institute is a leading expert in tracking nuclear material and its origins and could also play a major role in the tribunal, he was quoted as saying in the Telegraaf.

Not surprisingly, the Netherlands Forensic Institute released this press release that emphasizes its nuclear forensics expertise.

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