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Top NATO Official Offers A ‘Do It Yourself’ Guide to Going Nuclear

Posted by K.E. White on March 3, 2010

For those who fret over nuclear proliferation, two persistent obstacles keep us awake at night.  First, most determined nations can start-up a nuclear program.  And, even more vexing, is the creeping fear that once a nation builds the Bomb any international fall-out will be rough but manageable. (Case studies: Pakistan and India.)

Now these obstacles are nothing new.  But Michael Rühle’s hilariously dark presentation is  At Spiegel, the deputy head of the NATO Secretary General’s policy planning unit offers a satirical ‘how to’ guide for nuclear aspirants.

From the editorial:

The last choice for you to make is whether to remain a “virtual” nuclear power or announce your arrival with a big bang, i.e. with a nuclear test that establishes your credentials as a Nuclear Weapons State. By this point, you will have spent billions of dollars and much political capital. You may have become an international outlaw, and if you do not control oil, your country may now be impoverished. A decline in relations with your neighbors is complemented by an increase in number of alliances against you. Does all this add up to a net gain? Well, perhaps not quite as good an outcome as you had initially hoped. But no one ever said that being a nuclear power is easy.

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