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Pakistan Fights Back

Posted by K.E. White on April 29, 2009

From’s Morning Brief:

The Pakistani military is fighting to retake the Buner district, just a few dozen miles from Islamabad, from Taliban militants. Both air and ground forces were deployed in Tuesday’s assault. Military commanders now claim to have retaken control of the strategic down of Daggar and to have killed 50 Taliban in the fighting.

Pakistan’s redeployment of troops away from the border with India its troubled Northwest comes after heavy U.S. criticism that it was not doing enough to fight the Taliban on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border and domestic outrage over the unchecked spread of the Taliban.

The Taliban’s advances into the Pakistani heartland will likely prompt a shift in emphasis in the U.S. Af-Pak strategy toward the “Pak.”

What’s left to add?

Dawn offers the best recap of military moves in Buner.

How did Buner fall to the Taliban? And what was the “sweet” logic of the Swat peace deal that set these events in motion?

And before writing off this crisis to a paroxysm of Pakistan’s internal, self-made (and perhaps terminal) flaws, let’s not forget other forces that brought this crisis to fruition.  

Finally, the Taliban are planning their own Afghanistan surge.

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