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Pakistan: Stephen Walt Offers Some Help, U.S. Taps New State Official for South Asian Affairs, TOI Comments on Buner Crisis, and Pakistan’s Limited Counterinsurgency Capabilities

Posted by K.E. White on April 25, 2009

Stephen Walt tackles an issue receiving woefully little attention in the US media–the crisis in Pakistan. I’d also recommend Hassan Abbas’ blog on news and commentary concerning Pakistan. The Times of India also offers up a (rather cynical) rationale the Pakistani military permitting the Buner crisis to grow: pushing America to keep Pakistan-aid no strings attached.

Also Robert Blake has been nominated for U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs.

When considering why the Pakistani military has been slow to react or decisively take down the extremist threat in their country many point to a lack of will, but Steve Coll brings attention to Pakistan’s limited counter-insurgency capabilities

“I would just say on the capacity side, even where the army has shown the will to go into very difficult territory like Bajaur, they lack the tools to conduct effective counter-insurgency. They knock down entire marketplaces and villages and towns and then do little to build in the aftermath and to hold that ground and to create a strategy of politics that’s integrated with military action. That’s the key to successful counterinsurgency—has been true throughout time and thousand different settings. It’s about the people. And the Pakistan army has been to built to fight wars that are not about the people—[instead] that are about the Indian military.”

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