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Posted by K.E. White on March 15, 2009

Pakistan’s a mess; check out this Proliferation Press post and get up-to-the-minute news from Dawn, a leading Pakistani newspaper.

Nuclear optimism: Michael Krepon gives us five reasons to not fear the bomb, or at least as much as some think we should.

Graham Allison strokes our nuclear anxieties while calling for a new science of nuclear forensics in Newsweek.

And, in financial news, the world’s leading economies agreed to increase funds to the IMF—a positive sign of economic cooperation. But real divides remain between Europe and the United States over the proper response to current economic woes.

China and Iran have signed a $3.2 billion natural gas deal.

And Viktor Bout–aka ‘Merchant of Death’ and inspiration for the film ‘Lord of War’–gives his first interview since being arrested last year in Bangkok by American agents. His charge? Supplying weapons to the Taliban and al-Qaeda.  His reaction to the charges: “lies and bullshit”.

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