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Posted by K.E. White on March 10, 2009


Foreign Policy justifies its recent update–and snags two spots on today’s list:

‘F’ Is Not For Fantastic: Daniel W. Drezner (aka Dr. Doom) reviews hegemonic stability theory and how America is flunking it, and illustrates why the current dollar recovery may not be a good sign.

(P.S. Be sure to read the comments section)

Let’s All Get Real: Stephen Walt presents a value overview of the Obama administration’s foreign policy moves—and provides his own primer on realist foreign policy theory. His verdict: Good, realist first moves—and let’s really get out of Iraq.

Heres the Sea China SeaWhy filing is important: FoxNews shows just how important individuals—and I’m not talking presidents—can be in foreign policy. A planned warhead upgrade to Trident missiles—used by the British and American nuclear submarines—was delayed owing to…KNOWLEDGE DRAIN.  

They Aren’t Ordering Kung Pao in the South China Sea: An unarmed U.S. Navy ship probing for Chinese subs was harassed by handful of fishermen and Chinese naval vessels. Before retreating, the USS Impeccable crew was reduced to spraying back at their pursuers with firehoses.  

And some other things:

Blair on the Obvious: Heading Off Nuclear Iran Might Be Tough

Russia commits to arms reduction with Obama administration

And…really?…Gary Sinise is a conservative.

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