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Japanese Nuclear Flare Up Running Only On Fumes? Removed Air Force Chief Defends Revisionist Wartime History Views & Calls for Nuclear Weapon Debate

Posted by K.E. White on December 2, 2008

Gen. Toshio Tamogami, the former Air Self-Defense Force Chief of Staff who was fired after publishing an essay that opposed viewing WWII-era Japan as an aggressor nation, has now called for national debate over whether to develop nuclear weapons.

But does this comment merit sounding the nuclear alarm bell? No. Not only is Japan’s governing party—the LDP—backing away from Tamogami’s comments, polls for Japan’s upcoming elections suggest ballot-box disaster for the LDP and the military-nationalistic ambitions some LDP members hold.

Instead it appears any changes to Japan’s pacific constitution will be aimed at charting a ‘middle power’ path: where Japan aims to flex more military muscle, but within the confines of its alliance with the United States and current constitutional parameters.

Bloomberg News reports on Tamogami’s call for a nuclear weapons debate in Japan:

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