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Harvard Releases New Report On Nuclear Terrorism; Snags Coverage on CNN

Posted by proliferationpr on November 19, 2008


The Project on Managing the Atom has released ‘Securing the Bomb 2008’. It is the seventh in a series of annual reports that seek to assess the threat of nuclear terrorism and prescribe policies to diminish this grave danger to international security.

The report has already scored a considerable press coup by earning time on CNN’s ‘Situation Room’, in a story by CNN reporter Dan Lothian. The report focused on the report’s call for a nuclear terrorism czar who should serve within the national security team with an independent staff.

The Project on Managing the Atom is based at the Harvard University’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. The report can be read here; the executive summary here; and the press release here.

The cable news report presented a boiled down version of the report’s press release and of offered brief commentary from the Belfer Center’s Matthew Bunn, CNN’s David Gergen and the Heritage Institute’s Peter Brookes. Bunn reaffirmed the new for a nuclear terrorism czar; Gergen highlighted the threat of nuclear terrorism arising from ‘loose nukes’ in a volatile Pakistan as rivaling the turmoil in Iraq and Iran’s continuing nuclear ambitions; and, finally, Brookes lauded the report, but insisted appointing Nuclear Czar will not be a “silver bullet” in eliminating the danger of nuclear terrorism.

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