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Islamabad Bombing: At Least 40 Dead in Marriott Bombing After President Zardari’s First Paraliament Address

Posted by proliferationpresswm on September 20, 2008

At least forty are dead after a suicide bombing at the Islamabad Marriott Hotel in Pakistan.

From AljazeeraEnglish:

From UK’s Telegraph:

The blast is one of Pakistan’s biggest terrorist attacks in recent history. Windows in buildings hundreds of meters away were shattered. There was no immediate claim of responsibility.

Pakistan, a US ally in the war on terror, has faced a wave of militant violence in recent weeks following army-led offensives against insurgents in its border regions, though the capital has avoided most of the bloodshed. 

The blast comes right on the heels of President Zardari’s first address to Pakistan’s Paraliament.  Zardari spoke of the terrorist threaet his country faces, but focused more on negoitation than extermination–and delcared “the greatest challenge this government faces is an economic one.”

From Zardari’s speech:

We must root out terrorism and extremism where and whenever they may rear their ugly heads…

Madam Speaker, Pakistan is at a critical security juncture today. In order to meet the challenges posed to (by) the extremist and terrorist elements in the tribal areas and adjoining regions, the government has devised a comprehensive three pronged strategy. First to make peace with those who are willing to keep the peace and renounce violence, second, to invest in development and social uplift of the local people and third to use force only as the last resort against those who refuse to surrender their arms, take the law into their hands, challenge the writ of government and attack the security forces. For all the stake holder to have ownership of this policy, I will request the government to hold a national security briefing for an in camera joint session of Parliament. Let every [clapping] have an opportunity to make an independent informed judgment about the risks to our beloved country and about how we should move forward with responsibility, clarity of vision. I ask of the government that it should be firm in its resolve to not allow the use of its soil carrying out terrorist activities against any foreign country. We will not tolerate the violation of our sovereignty and territorial integrity by any power in the name of combating terrorism (clapping).

Such acts of terrorism show the hard road ahead for Zardari. He faces a troubled economy, deadly terrorist attacks and political opposition that derailed Pakistan’s previous paraliamentary regime. 

An interesting note: Zardari addressed the Paraliament in English–not Urdu–and wearing a Western suit. This is a precedent-breaking move, according to the The Economic Times. 

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  1. Islamabad said

    its all agencies gameplay. CIA could also be involved in all this

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