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Pakistan Nuclear Assets: Materials Safe, But Technicians (and Ambassador) Abducted

Posted by K.E. White on February 13, 2008

Two Pakistani nuclear technicians and Pakistan’s ambassador to Afghanistan have been kidnapped

Seems past Pakistani confidence in their nuclear security needs to be revisited. 

From the International Herald Tribune

“The state of alertness has gone up, most certainly,” the Pakistani official said during a rare background briefing to representatives of foreign news media. However, he stressed that “there is no conceivable political situation in which the nuclear assets can fall into the wrong hands.” 

Reports suggest that the ambassador, Tariq Azizuddin, is still alive and efforts are underway for his release.

Additional Note: Pakistan’s parliamentary elections are set for next Monday, February 18th.

3 Responses to “Pakistan Nuclear Assets: Materials Safe, But Technicians (and Ambassador) Abducted”

  1. Phiskas singh said

    Pakistans nuclear assets are totally safe.
    Its indians nuclear assets that will soon be distributed amongst 20 partioned indian states

  2. Laxmad singh said

    You are right! Our beloved india is doomed.
    Pakistans armed forces are way to brave!
    Our forces wont stand a chance against
    The great Pakistan army!
    We need to partition from india!

  3. Lt col.shahmak said

    Tell you the truth.
    I agree that india has much advanced weapons. But the problem is there is no brave soldier to control them.
    Indian army is similarly to a bunch of cowards with advanced asses but cant use them

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