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Possible Arson in Ludwigshafen Raises Neo-Nazi Concerns in Germany

Posted by K.E. White on February 7, 2008

A possible arson in the German city Ludwigshafen has exposed the racial fault line that defines modern Germany. Spiegel Online reports:

Nine people died in an apartment building fire in the western German city of Ludwigshafen on Sunday, but the investigation into the causes of the blaze has not led to any conclusions yet.

Nevertheless, the Turkish press is already convinced that it was a racially motivated attack. Wednesday’s issue of the tabloid Aksam ran a cover story titled “Nazi Panic in Germany.” The pro-government daily Yeni Safak wrote: “It’s Solingen all over again.” And even Sabah, a Turkish news agency, seemed convinced that the fire must have been the work of neo-Nazis. For Sabah, graffiti found near the site of the blaze that called for all “dirty Turks” to be killed was evidence enough.


“We don’t want another Solingen,” said Kaya, referring to an infamous tragedy in the western German town of Solingen, where in 1993 two Turkish women and three young girls were killed in a house fire set by an arsonist.

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