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India Snap-Shot: G8 Push & US-India Nuclear Deal Impact

Posted by K.E. White on January 28, 2008

The lead editorial in the Times of India gives an interesting view of France’s strategic goals toward India and the possible impact of the US-India nuclear deal. The piece reflects on President Sarkozy’s recent visit.

From the Times of India editorial:

Hammering out a framework on nuclear cooperation – so that the two countries can trade resources and technology once the IAEA and NSG lift restrictions on India – was high on Sarkozy’s agenda. This goes to show that the controversial Indo-US nuclear deal – which the Left is hell-bent on scuttling – is a misnomer.

Far from being an exclusive pact with the US, it is an opportunity for India to come out of the nuclear cold and establish technological partnerships with other countries like France, Canada and Russia, which are keen to do business with us. It is a testimonial to India‘s status in global affairs that Sarkozy too – following Gordon Brown earlier last week – backed India‘s claim to a place in the United Nations Security Council. More significantly, he has called for the expansion of the G8 to include India. This is welcome. Global institutions – both political and economic – must take into account the altered geopolitical and economic realities of the current world order and make necessary adjustments to reflect the changing balance of power.



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