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Blog-On-Blog: Nukes of Hazard on Missile Shield

Posted by K.E. White on October 9, 2007

Good stuff from Nukes of Hazard.

Nukes of Hazard brings attention to a new rationale for missile defense (aka BMS/’Star Wars’): satellite protection:

(Senator) Kyl’s case for funding the project was that it was a step towards the development of active defenses for American satellites against anti-satellite weapons, and that it was not necessarily a missile defense project. However, an examination of the budget request for the test bed casts serious doubt on Kyl’s argument, indicating that the test bed is quite simply a missile defense program.

Nukes of Hazard also bring attention to a Ivo Daalder and John Holum’s Boston Globe op-ed that defends the goal of eventual nuclear abolition.

One Response to “Blog-On-Blog: Nukes of Hazard on Missile Shield”

  1. jlindemyer said

    Thanks for the shout out!

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