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Vatican Urges US Approval of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

Posted by K.E. White on October 4, 2007

On the heels of Barack Obama’s call to approve the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, the Vatican made a similar plea: and added North Korea, China, India and Pakistan to the list.

From Vatican representative Msgr. Banach:

Monsignor BanachA nation’s claim that it is testing weapons to ensure the security and protection of its people is an argument that “fails to convince,” he said. “In fact, it leads to the proliferation of weapons which, given their destructive capacity, are able to eliminate the very people whom they claim to protect and defend.”

The Vatican official also labeled as unconvincing the claim that it is possible “to develop clean or intelligent weapons, that is, nuclear weapons whose mechanical, thermic and radioactive effects are limited.”

“All nuclear weapons have indiscriminate radioactive effects, which are harmful to the life and health of human beings and the environment,” he said.


Here’s more on Msgr. Banach:

Monsignor Banach joined the Catholic priesthood in 1998 and has served in the Vatican diplomatic corps since 1994. Immediately prior to his current appointment, Monsignor Banach served as Counselor of the Nunciature in the Section for Relations with States of the Vatican Secretariat of State. He has also served as representative of the Holy See in Bolivia and Nigeria.






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