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What Was Behind Israel’s Strike on Syria?

Posted by K.E. White on September 19, 2007

Putting aside conspiracy theories and Bolton’s North Korea twist aside, the Christian Science Monitor explores possible reasons behind the air-strike

The article in condensed form: 

1)      Israel reaffirming its deterrence capability—one that took a big hit in last summer’s Lebanon operation

2)      Warning signal to Iran: a military strike on Syria provoked muted international reaction. Would international reaction to an Iranian air strike be the same?

3)      Off that rift, proof of the durability of relations between Israel and Turkey, and other moderate Muslim nations in the Middle East

4)      The forerunner to a European-US air-strike on Iran, which can be inferred from the El Baradei-Western split over Iranian diplomacy

 Read this for more information on Israel’s air-strike capabilities

One Response to “What Was Behind Israel’s Strike on Syria?”

  1. Israel “cried wolf” too many times. This terrorist-run state has only one goal in mind: expansion – as in from the Nile to the Euphrates. This is what their flag means and stands for.

    Israel does not learn from history and past mistakes. If the Iranians really have a counter plan to attack/ bomb Israel, then we’re looking at a small nuclear war that will most likely destroy most of the Middle East. If this happens, we have Israel to thank for the biggest holocaust in earth’s history.

    And we sit silent… because if we criticize these madmen in Israel, then we risk being called anti-Semites. Oy Vey!

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