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America’s Military Use of Depleted Uranium: Is Using DU Defendable?

Posted by K.E. White on September 7, 2007

Perry O’Brien’s recent Campus Progress article explores the use of depleted uranium is sabot rounds. Apparently these rounds are particularly good at punching holes in tanks, but–as argued by O’Brien–may also constitute nuclear poisoning. (Uranium a health hazard? Shocking).

The article is a good introduction to the topic. Here are other sources for those hungry for more: ATSDR explores DU’s health impact, and DoD’s DU defense.

But beyond the issue of DU contamination concerns: What signal does America spend to the international community when it continues to endorse the use of radiological weapons? Is this not a practice that gives other nations–friend or foe–a significant nuclear precedent when it comes to defending their own radiological technology and weapons?

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