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Guilty Plea in Illicit Nuclear Smuggling Plot

Posted by K.E. White on September 4, 2007

After three years in the making, one player in illicit nuclear smuggling to Libya and Pakistan has pleaded guilty.

The Associated Press reports on the nuclear confession by Gerhard Wisser:

In a plea agreement, Wisser pleaded guilty to importing and exporting martial linked to Libya and Pakistan’s nuclear weapons programs as well as forgery.

The state agreed to suspend Wisser’s sentence for five years, but under the terms of the agreement he would have to do three years correctional supervision.

He also agreed to forfeit €2.8 million (US$3.8 million) and rands 6 million (US$838,000; €613,440) as proceeds from his crimes.

The case against Gerhard Wisser and Daniel Geiges was started up in 2004. This earlier article by BBC News chronicles the long-standing investigation:

IAEA’s head Mohamed ElBaradei said on Tuesday the South African investigation was providing good information about the Libyan and Iranian nuclear programmes.

Mr ElBaradei’s comments came after South African prosecutors said last week equipment seized in the country exactly matched that in a video of Dr Khan’s laboratory in Pakistan.

“This case must rank as one of the most serious in the world,” South African prosecutor Chris MacAdam told the court in Vanderbiljpark, outside Johannesburg, according to Reuters news agency.

Mr Wisser of Germany and his Swiss colleague, Mr Geiges, have been living permanently in South Africa.

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