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Diplomatic Incident: Bill Murray Drinks and Drives in Sweden (In A Golf Cart Too)

Posted by K.E. White on August 22, 2007

For some lighter fare, enjoy Mr. Murray driving through Sweden in a golf cart:

“Caddyshack” star Bill Murray was pulled over in downtown Stockholm after admittedly driving drunk in a golf cart, but he refused a breath test saying he was protected by U.S. law.

Police wondered whether something was lost in translation.

“I have done this since ’68 and I’ve never experienced anything similar,” said Detective-Inspector Christer Holmlund of Stockholm police.

The 56-year-old actor-comedian could face drunken driving charges after his joyride early Monday in an electrical vehicle that had been used for a promotional display outside his hotel.

In a day filled with India-US nuclear deal updates and Bush bringing up Vietnam, it’s nice to know hilarious and random things can fill space in the international press.

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