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Diplomatic Update: Japan Nudges Closer to Nuclear Deal Approval

Posted by K.E. White on August 21, 2007

Japan seems ready to approve the US-India nuclear deal, and for much the same reason as America: the desire for a counter-weight to China.

From the Business Standard:

Japan today indicated that it would play a “positive role” at the NSG (Nuclear Suppliers’ Group) to help India’s case for getting crucial supplies for its nuclear plants – which is the next step in augmenting the civil nuclear deal with the United States.
A senior official from prime minister’s office who briefed media persons on the visit of the Shinzo Abe said that “Japan would play a positive role in discussions at the NSG (when India goes there to seek clearance from all the NSG members for fuel supplies).”
The spokesman for Abe said that, “Japan understands the importance of nuclear energy for India and also India’s deep interest in securing fuel supplies for its plants,” Besides, he said, Japan also realizes that “how important this (India’s getting nuclear fuel) was for (arresting) the global climate change.”

And from The Age:

WHEN Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan touches down in India this week, it will be the highest-level step yet in an effort to balance, if not contain, China’s growing economic and political might.

As Beijing’s influence in Asia and around the world has grown, common interests have forced Tokyo and Delhi to warm up their historically chilly relationship and to forge closer economic ties.

One Response to “Diplomatic Update: Japan Nudges Closer to Nuclear Deal Approval”

  1. Plotinus said

    Great! Will Japan also be supporting Iranian nuclear development? Afterall, that too will have a positive effect on global warming.

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