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Monday Evening Tea: Press Proliferation Press News Round Up

Posted by K.E. White on August 20, 2007

Big Shock—Iraq’s elite is leaving in droves. Can Iraq be rebuilt?

Pakistan rescues 21 Iranian hostages from Iranian radicals.

Japanese approval of the US-India deal on the way? We’ll see how the Abe-Singh talks turn out.

Will these make the difference? Another round of UN talks with Iran.

American Prospect interviews Mid-East Envoy Dennis Ross. Section of note:

Second, we live in a world where many of the traditional threats that we used to face are changing. Now that doesn’t mean that deterrence has no meaning in a world where you have non-state actors. It’s true, those non-state actors are governed by a philosophy that says, “Kill me and you reward me.” Yet it’s interesting that most of the leaders of those non-state actors are not so quick to become martyrs themselves. There are still punishments that matter. If you can find ways to discredit them, that’s a terrible punishment.

Learn about ‘Sovereign Wealth Funds’ here, and their possible threat to the US economy.

And so much for the politics of fear—at least according to Ross Douthat.

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