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Russia Up-Date: New Air Defense System Can’t Stop Missile Miscues

Posted by K.E. White on August 7, 2007


Summary: Russia shows off new missile defense, but perhaps we shouldn’t be too impressed: Russia may have just shot a dud-missile at Georgia. And Russia tightens the nuclear screws on Iran.

The International Herald Tribune reports on Russia new S-400 air defense hardware:

Vadim Volkovitsky, the deputy air force commander in charge of antiaircraft defense, told NTV television that the system contained “not only the functions of air defense but also antimissile defense.”

The new unit, called the S-400, can destroy targets traveling five kilometers, or three miles, per second, which would include aircraft and medium-range missiles, he said.

But he added that it was not able to stop intercontinental missiles, which travel faster.

But this scripted expression of Russian military prowess has been mucked up a bit:

Georgia accused Russia on Tuesday of firing a guided missile into its territory near a village about 65 km (40 miles) west of its capital, but Moscow denied any involvement.

Georgia‘s interior minister said the missile was launched by jets that crossed the border from Russia in an “act of aggression.” In Tbilisi, Russia’s ambassador was summoned to the foreign ministry where he was handed a note of protest.

The missile did not explode, instead burrowing into a field of corn and potatoes near the village of Tsitelubani, a Reuters reporter at the scene said. An interior ministry official said it would have caused a “disaster” if it had detonated.

But, in a undoubtedly welcome development from the American perspective, Russia is pushing Iran for greater nuclear transparency:

Moscow has warned Iran that it will not deliver fuel to a nearly completed Russian-built nuclear reactor unless Tehran lifts the veil of secrecy on suspicious past atomic activities, a European diplomat said Tuesday. (AP)

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