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Bloomberg For President? Not Likely.

Posted by K.E. White on June 20, 2007

Why not have two New York City mayors run for President?

Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New City, announced he’s leaving the Republican Party. This, along with his massive fortune, has led to presidential buzz.

Is Bloomberg another, smarter Ross Perot?


Running for President might be an ego boast, but will relegate any politician to jeers or cocktail jokes for life–just ask Ross Perot or Ralph Nader. Now if Bloomberg had nothing better to, it might make sense for him to run.

But Bloomberg is a very successful politician, and seems to enjoy the political world.

Unfortunately his liberal record in New York City blocks any hope for state-wide office through the Republican Party. And his former registration cuts him off from the Democratic party in the near term.

But running for Senate may just be possible. With Hillary Clinton winning the White House, who will take her Senate seat? Could Bloomberg mount a successful independent candidacy–a la Joe Lieberman? Tough but possible.
Far more likely than unseating an incumbent governor.

Seems Bloomberg is stuck in New York City. His hope for office rests in Hillary’s victory, or in the long-term returning to the Democratic fold.

But let’s assume Bloomberg wants a new job right after his second term ends. What would any political consultant recommend?

1) Puff up your national profile as an independent.

2) Talk tough to both parties. Earn some popularity.

3) After the 2008 race–and endorsing the clear winner–gracefully accept a role in his or her administration.

Suddenly Bloomberg’s move makes perfect sense.

2 Responses to “Bloomberg For President? Not Likely.”

  1. Anonymous said

  2. Plotinus said

    Don’t dismiss the possibility of a presidential run to quickly. If the major candidates–say maybe Clinton and Guilliani–come in with lots of negatives (whichare likely to increase after the conventions)–Bloomberg may indeed have a chance.

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