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Tim Russert’s Glaring Powell Omission: North Korea

Posted by K.E. White on June 10, 2007

Today Colin Powell appeared on a Sunday staple: ‘Meet the Press’ with Tim Russert.

Powell was queried about Iraq, his intelligence briefing to the United Nations and about potenial endorsements for 2008.

But one topic remained unspoken: North Korea, and the still on-going nuclear crisis.

Admittedly, Iraq is the topic of the day. But North Korea’s continuing nuclear program demands attention.  Furthermore, from a journalistic perspective, this line of questioning may have actually yielded what any press person would crave: Powell harshly rebuking, or pointing clear blame at the White House.

But, instead, Russert droned on about Iraq with predictable results: Powell voiced his support for more troops; he reaffirmed his belief in the war at the time; and he did not condemn anyone in the White House.

All the while Powell’s intimate knowledge of North Korea handling of North Korea, and probable understanding of how the situation so gravel deteriorated remained untapped.

Instead we heard about who he would endorse in 2008.

Shocker: Powell didn’t answer.

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