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Proliferation Press News Blurb: ANA Honors Nuclear Activism

Posted by K.E. White on April 25, 2007

Last night the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability* (ANA) honored five activists for their work in nuclear activism.

The ceremony, taking place in the Dirksen Senate Building, brought together activists from across America and Russia.

The packed event also featured a historical retrospective and documentary of the ANA, a coalition organization dedicated to keeping the public safe from nuclear waste from radioactive dump sites and weapons facilities. The ANA also stands as a strong proponent of nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament.

Senator Jeff Bingaman, Robert H. Gilkeson, Adrienne Anderson, Andrei Talevin and Bobbie Paul were the night’s honorees, which also celebrated the ANA’s twentieth anniversary.

More details of the event and winners coming soon.

ANA Award Winners




*The Government Accountability Project, Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, Kirsch Foundation, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation and Women’s Action for New Directions also sponsored the event.

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