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Israel’s Successful Anti-Missile Test

Posted by K.E. White on March 27, 2007

Israel might just be showing the world how to live in a world of nuclear anarchy.

While no where near Reagan’s epic aim of a world-wide missile shield, Israel’s slimmed down Arrow system that just counter a nuclear-weaponized Iranian state:

Turgeman told The Jerusalem Post that the improvements to the missile not only reduced manufacturing costs – by some 20 percent – but also improved its ability to intercept incoming ballistic threats.

The Arrow missile has proven its capabilities time after time,” Arieh Herzog, head of the Homa missile defense agency, said. “The Arrow protects Israel from all ballistic missiles in the region,” he said.

Defense Minister Amir Peretz praised the successful launch, calling it “another stage” in the development of Israel’s missile defense system that provided protection against long-range threats to Israel.

This success builds on past successes for Israel, one that reflects the profound worry over Iran’s perceived nuclear ambitions.

And recent reports on Iran’s decision to limit cooperation with the IAEA have no doubt added to Israeli concerns.

Here more information on Israel’s ARROW anti-missile system.

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