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Blog of Note: “Desired Ground” Series by I, Shingen

Posted by K.E. White on March 3, 2007

Map of JapanThe Blog I, Shingen has started up a three-part series on Japan’s territorial disputes.

While a seemingly academic topic, understanding these disputes help flesh out the motivations behind Japanese policy, Japan’s strategic posture, and help gauge tension points between Japan and other nations.

The first blog focuses on the territorial disputes between Japan and Russia.

Very good reading.

One Response to “Blog of Note: “Desired Ground” Series by I, Shingen”

  1. Shingen said

    Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve actually just finished part two, this time looking at the dispute between South Korea and Japan over the Liancourt Rocks (Takeshima/Dokdo).

    I agree that understanding these disputes is key to understanding aspects of Japan’s strategy, and perhaps the most important will be part three: Japan’s disputes with China.

    Once again, thanks, I appreciate it.

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