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Blast from the Past: Madeleine Albright Comes Up to Bat for Hillary Clinton

Posted by K.E. White on February 26, 2007

An e-mail blast for Hillary Clinton’s campaign from Madeleine Albright:


Madeleine AlbrightI’ll never forget that moment in 1995 when I watched Hillary Clinton stand up in Beijing and declare that “women’s rights are human rights.” In front of the whole world, Hillary spoke out for every woman who suffered from inequality, injustice, and repression. Every person in the hall knew she was making history. Her act of courage still reverberates through women’s lives.

I’ve known Hillary for nearly 20 years. I’ve stood side-by-side with her as she took on the fight for women’s rights at home and abroad, and let me tell you: no one will stand up for all of us as she will. She is the experienced leader this country needs.

The very first day of her presidency, Hillary will transform America’s role in the international community because of the deep admiration she has long enjoyed on the world stage. She will restore the respect that is the foundation of our alliances and the source of our strength.

Don’t let this opportunity pass by. Don’t stand on the sidelines as Hillary walks through the critical early weeks of her amazing journey.

Support Hillary’s “One Week, One Million” campaign right now.

Click to Contribute:

Thank you so much for acting early to get Hillary’s campaign — and America’s future — moving forward.


Madeleine Albright

Hillary’s calling out the big guns: I can’t wait until the actual election gets into gear.

Next two years = election nightmare of epic proportions. Just ask our nation’s governors.

But returning to the cottage industry of foreign policyRichard Holbrooke guru endorsements, it seems Richard Holbrooke should be watched.

But, unlike Secretary Albright, Ambassador Holbrooke seems to be out of the game: recently accepting a professorship at Brown University.

But then again, he did become ‘political’ again by calling for the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq late last week.

 But he’s no where near as political as Albright, whose hard swings on the Bush Iraq policy are nothing new but far more vociferous as of late.

Could this Albright-Clinton alliance be an attempt to shore up Hillary Clinton’s very weak anti-war credentials against Obama?

Will it matter to any primary voters?

Or perhaps more importantly, will Albright bring in more money for Clinton warchest?

And for policy wonks: Is this a sign that Hillary will return the National Security team of her husband?

3 Responses to “Blast from the Past: Madeleine Albright Comes Up to Bat for Hillary Clinton”

  1. Does Ms. Albright not realize that she is hurting Hillary more than helping her?. her view on the justification of economic sanctions on Iraq during her reign as secretary of state for Mr. Clinton has resonated for years. she is a heartless and cruel sad excuse for a diplomat. I was all for hillary until Madeline Albright showed up in the shaddows lurking and biding her time for a seat in Hillary’s administration. my vote will not only not go for hillary, but I have made all my friends and family aware of this fact.. and hillary has lost our votes if not votes of many many many iraqi americans

  2. I agree with MIddleton over here.. Madeline Allbright is a rutheless and vile person.. hillary has proven that she is desparate for a win. I’d rather send my votes to someone with integrity than a desparate woman trying to fill her husband’s shoes.

  3. Maggie said

    Hillary Clinton is a war-mongering, authoritarian, traitor to the Constitution and to the American people. Please read this, written by a former college dorm mate.


    That’s just one thing. Thanks in advance for checking this out.

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