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Rep. Neil Abercrombie on Bush Proposed Increase of Army and Marines: “Not these kind of numbers, these are picked out of the sky. “

Posted by K.E. White on February 1, 2007

Representative Neil AbercrombieToday, criticizing the use of America’s Armed Forces as a “tool” for “political ideologies,” Neil Abercrombie discussed the state of our military’s readiness and, particularly, the specific challenges posed by the Iraq War.

He provided a long-term view of issues over the military’s  deployment capability, or end strength.

“We have been frustrated by both the Clinton administration and Bush administration,” Abercrombie stated on C-Span while discussing the difficulties of expanding the size of our military.”

“It was expected that we would run into this difficulty [in Iraq],” Abercrombie argued, blaming the problem of the privately contracted military forces being used to augment, in his view, an undermanned military presence in Iraq.

On the issue of private contracts, Abercrombie “want[s] to end it all.”

Will President Bush’s proposed increase of the Marines and Army fix the problem, at least in future military operations? Not according to Abercrombie, “…the numbers they are proposing are totally inaccurate.”


  • GAO report, “Defense Logistics: Preliminary Observations on the Army’s Implementation of Its Equipment Reset Strategies”


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