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Neo-Con Back and Forth on Iraq: The Ultimate in Meaningless Echo-Chambers

Posted by K.E. White on January 30, 2007


Victor Davis Hanson and Max Boot debate Iraq

contentions (yes, small “c”), Commentary’s new blog, yesterday started a neo-conservative dialogue on Iraq—proving that echo-chambers can, indeed, exist within themselves.

The speakers?

Max Boot and Victor Davis Hanson.

Read their back and forth here, but the site doesn’t make them easy to find.

(You can find the full text quicker by going here and here, and Proliferation Press offers this summary for interested readers.)

This “back and forth’ read more a like “pat on the back.” One pessimistic neo-con, Boot, commiserating with an optimistic neo-con, Hanson.

Both endorse Bush’s surge,seeing it as a last option, and find it the necessary and best course of action.

Hanson, at least, gets down to specifics: gauging the time-table General Petraeus (the new Iraq commander and prospective White Knight) has for success.

But what both miss, and I hope they discuss in latter “chapters,” are 1) how this “surge” will operate in particular and how attainable its goals are and 2) real and practical alternatives about what America does after the surge, whatever its outcome.

And—if time and attention permits—they should touch on the need for a revamped American security strategy.

One that takes into account 1) our currently stretched resources and 2) the growing isolation America’s strategic faces from traditional allies of the past.

We’ll see if they get there.

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