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News Alert: Israel Admits to Holding Nukes

Posted by K.E. White on December 11, 2006

On it’s face, it doesn’t seem that big of a deal.

PM Olmert today indirectly admitted that Israel has nuclear weapons–a biggest known nuclear secret around.

But this botched delivery comes with geo-strategic consequences.

Already the response is being lined up: Israel will no doubt spin Olmert’s indirect admission as an accident, and reaffirm it’s official policy of nuclear ambuiguity.

But how this plays out on to the Arab public or Iranians in another matter– and one of extreme importance.

Middle Eastern countries such as Eygpt and Saudi Arabia have kept domestic demands for nuclear weaopns in check by pointing out that Israel is, at least, not publicly admiting it has nuclear weapons– meaning it is not shoving it in Arab faces.

This strategy failed with Iran–whose nuclear proliferation is a much getting tipping point than this Israeli admission.

But this diplomatic fumble may just play right into the hands of Iran and others strongly anti-Israel advocates–so happen to mostly be Islamic fanatics.

Now it could always be an opening for a real dialogue on nuclear weapons in the Middle East and recalibrating the norm of non-proliferation, but such an strategy would require far more diplomatic agility and engagement than the Bush administration has shown in its six-year tenure.

So I guess it’s just another dropped ball in what has been a horrible six years for America’s presence in the Middle East.

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