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Blog-On-Blog: Iraq Was Not Lost on Main Street, But on Pennsylvania Avenue

Posted by K.E. White on December 1, 2006

Atrios brings humorous attention to the General’s answer to the question, “Who lost Iraq?”

I have some problems with even the light-hearted nature Atrios brings to his.

1) Iraq is not “lost.” It may and probably will be, but just casting Iraq as a lost cause ignores the most important policy question for today: How does America leave Iraq as not to completely loose all presence in the Middle East?

2) I, along with Atrios I would guess, don’t think in any way that the American public lost the war. Had the President gone to the American people after 9-11 calling for 200,000 troops in Iraq and a tax hike, and told us that urban warfare would be encountered on the streets of Iraq, I believe the American people would have been behind him.

Instead he didn’t do that. He did not put the nessecary forces into Iraq; and refused to fight early on against government opponents in Iraq; and gave tax cuts while spending incredible funds in Iraq.

Now perhaps if Bush had taken in real analysis of a post-Sadam Iraq, he would have come to the conclusion that America wasn’t prepared to occupy the country. Or maybe he would have spent the year between 9-11 and Iraq preparing the nation for the sacrifices necessary to succeed.

Americans have lost heart today because they know there’s no “real” success to be found in Iraq.

Bush and his White House team lost Iraq; we must keep the blame where it belongs.

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