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Talking to Iran: Sorry, It’s Still Vital

Posted by K.E. White on November 30, 2006

The Confederate Yankee offers up some analytical drivel, pointing to the “smoking gun” that—hold your breathe—Iran has been reported to terrorists in Iraq.

Confederate Yankee’s conclusion: America is already at war with Iran, so it’s too late to negotiate.

But from my viewpoint, regardless of your view of the Iranian regime, it was the United States who “declared” this “war”. Remember, President Bush did single out Iran in the “axis of evil.”

So how again does this prove that negotiating with Iran can’t work? It seems just to show how misdirected the Bush foreign policy was. If you’re going to invade Iraq, it seems that you want to ensure that Iran a) doesn’t take advantage of the situation and b) do it in a fashion that doesn’t threaten Iran.

Anyone must concede Bush brilliantly failed to deliver any of those assurances.

Result: a threatened Iran results to asymmetrical warfare—terrorism—to defend its interests in the region and, indeed, their regime.

And what does that mean for America’s Iraq operation? It had little chance ever to succeed from the get go.

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